Homemade White Bread

Hey gang,

Thanks for the lovely welcome to the blogosphere!!! I didn’t expect anyone to see my posts until I told my friends about it, but I was pleasantly surprised to have comments and likes from people who don’t seem to be bots! So much excitement! It totally made up for spending a sunny summer’s day stuck in a dark room staring down a microscope. So thanks 🙂 

I decided that with my new silicon loaf tray, I should try and make some bread! I don’t have a bread maker, and don’t really have a lot of experience making bread. So, I followed this tutorial, pretty much word-for-word, and it worked a charm! It is fairly time-consuming, but it was very satisfying to pluck this baby out of the oven.

bread + frame2

It made my apartment smell amazing and was glorious, soft and delicious, especially slathered with butter. However, it went stale very quickly! It just goes to show how many preservatives are in store-bought bread! Next time, I think I’d like to add some seeds and/or herbs to spice it up a bit. Sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, rosemary… do you have any suggestions?

Until next time!


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