Alison Holst’s Lemon Square

Keep Calm & Cake



I decided that since this was the most popular recipe on my blog, it was probably time it got updated with some slightly nicer photos! I’m really not that into food photography (who has time for that?! I want to taste my food, not look at it!). I know this post is only getting so many hits because I’m kind of piggy backing off Dame Alison Holst’s reputation, but I honestly mean this as a respectful tribute to her. So, thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you find this recipe helpful. It really is delicious!

wp-1468822448591.jpg This slice consists of a shortbread base with a sticky lemon topping. Very tasty.

I wrote this post when I had found out that Dame Alison Holst, the great Kiwi cook, had dementia and was no longer cooking. I grew up learning to cook and bake from her recipe…

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