Feijoa and Coconut Cake (gluten and dairy-free)

Well, we truly are in the throes of autumn. While it’s sad to farewell the sun, autumn yields some amazing fruit as a consolation. I am delighting in feijoas, persimmons and tamarillos. This truly is my absolute favourite thing about autumn – the daily gorge of seasonal fruit. Yum! Continue reading “Feijoa and Coconut Cake (gluten and dairy-free)”

Hot Cross Buns

Easter is approaching! It is now acceptable to eat Hot Cross Buns and Easter Eggs! Yes!!!

I love Hot Cross buns – fruity and spicy, slathered with butter and served warm with a cup of tea, they make for a perfect Autumn snack. I am not much of a purist and also adore chocolate-flavoured Hot Cross Buns… perhaps I’ll try making some of them soon too. Continue reading “Hot Cross Buns”

Chocolate, Pear and Pecan Cupcakes

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lapse in posting, we moved house and were without a functioning fridge or internet for about two weeks. We’re finally starting to settle down, but it has taken a toll on my baking!

This week I made cupcakes by adapting another recipe from Jordan Rondel’s The Caker. She’s going to be publishing a new book later this year, and I’m excited! Continue reading “Chocolate, Pear and Pecan Cupcakes”

Hello world. Like loaf?

Hello everyone.

I thought I’d debut my blog with a humble fruit loaf that I made on the weekend. We came back from camping over the New Year period with some rather bruised and battered fruit that wasn’t particularly appealing to eat straight, but would be wasteful to discard. Have you ever noticed how quickly stone fruits go bad if stored at room temperature? Within the blink of an eye a relatively inoffensive peach will turn, covering your fruit bowl with slime, attracting all fruit flies in the vicinity and filling your kitchen with a sweet and slightly pungent aroma. I was forced to take quick action, excising the offending chunks of peach to salvage the remainder. But never fear, when combined with some mushy bananas and cinnamon… I had myself a lovely loaf.  Continue reading “Hello world. Like loaf?”