Kia ora and welcome to my blog!

My name is Rebecca and I’m a PhD student in Auckland, New Zealand who loves to cook. The kitchen is my creative space where I like to experiment and play.

I started this blog in 2015 as I was entering my third year of doctoral studies. I was getting really stressed out with my work and needed something to distract myself with in my spare time, in order to keep calm and stay sane. I’ve really enjoyed documenting my baking adventures and interacting with other bloggers. As I draw towards the end of my doctoral studies, I’ll be in increasing need of sanity, hopefully in the form of kitchen therapy.

I bake a variety of types of recipes, and occasionally have allergy-friendly recipes, for when I’m catering to my family, who have the full host of allergies/intolerances. I hope to make more healthy recipes soon, but to date I have found many so-called “healthy baking recipes” to be hugely disappointing. I won’t post a recipe on here that I wouldn’t recommend to others! But don’t worry, I’ll keep persevering, because having a healthy lifestyle and eating cake are two really important things to me! 

My disclaimer: I’m not pro baker, but I enjoy cooking/baking and want somewhere to document my successes (and hopefully not too many failures!). For me, flavour is more important than aesthetics, but hopefully blogging will encourage me to make things look pretty as well as taste delicious.

So, join me on my culinary adventure as I make cake a verb. Let’s cake!



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