Hello all!

Introducing a biscuit with the most bizarre name… the Snickerdoodle! Before joining the baking blogging scene, I had never heard of these tasty little treats. In the last 17 months (!) I’ve seen recipes for these pop up in my WordPress reader now and again.

I knew they were biscuits, but that was about as far as it went. Despite the crazy name, my curiosity was not sufficiently peaked. Americans have all sorts of foodstuffs with weird names that are not amazing, why should these be any different? Continue reading “Snickerdoodles”

In praise of the humble banana loaf

Until yesterday, I never quite realised just how important banana loaf was to me. You see, it has always been a part of my life, something familiar and comforting, but something to which I never really paid a lot of attention. You see, banana loaf isn’t really anything special, but it has always been there in the background of life. Continue reading “In praise of the humble banana loaf”

Spiced Mexican Brownie

Guys… I have something very exciting to share. I actually think this is one of the best brownie recipes I’ve ever baked. It’s a big call, I know. But this one is good, oh so good! It’s chocolatey (but it doesn’t even need melted chocolate!), sweet (but perfectly balanced with spice!), cakey (but still chewy!)… mmmmm, I am very pleased. Continue reading “Spiced Mexican Brownie”

Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Happy Easter everybody! It’s a gloriously sunny Good Friday here in Auckland. I’m currently recovering from a nasty cold, which I have generously passed on to my husband, so unfortunately neither of us are making the most of the Autumn sun today. What s shame!

True to my word, I decided to make chocolate hot cross buns. Mmmmm, they’re so good! I’m eating mine fresh out of the oven as I type. I wanted to get this recipe up ASAP to remind you that it’s not too late to make hot cross buns! Quick, get in the kitchen and make some, now! You won’t regret it!  Continue reading “Chocolate Hot Cross Buns”

Chocolate, Pear and Pecan Cupcakes

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the lapse in posting, we moved house and were without a functioning fridge or internet for about two weeks. We’re finally starting to settle down, but it has taken a toll on my baking!

This week I made cupcakes by adapting another recipe from Jordan Rondel’s The Caker. She’s going to be publishing a new book later this year, and I’m excited! Continue reading “Chocolate, Pear and Pecan Cupcakes”

Cinnamon and Chocolate Cupcakes

Hello all,

How much do you love cinnamon? And how much do you love chocolate? I love them both rather a lot, so I decided for this week’s blog, I’d combine the two in the form of a cupcake. It’s a little unusual with the spicy cinnamon, but makes for a tasty little morsel for afternoon tea. Not too sweet either!  Continue reading “Cinnamon and Chocolate Cupcakes”